Decentralized Ridesharing, Empowered by Bitcoin and Driven by You

Built on Gig-Gossip

GoHyper is built on the Gig-Gossip protocol, a decentralized P2P gig economy platform on top of Bitcoin and NOSTR. Gig-Gossip revolutionizes the way services are offered and accessed, enabling direct connections, secure payments, and decentralized operations.

Pay by Bitcoin with Lightning Network

GoHyper rewards its users with bitcoins, even just for routing messages! Embrace the future with secure, transparent, and efficient payment processing using Bitcoin .

Build on top of NOSTR

GoHyper uses the NOSTR protocol for decentralized communication capabilities, ensuring secure and streamlined interactions within its ridesharing network.

Decentralized Operation

GoHyper's decentralized framework guarantees a more equitable and open marketplace, fostering trust and empowerment among its users.

Peer-to-Peer Connectivity

Experience a personalized travel journey with GoHyper's peer-to-peer connection feature, which lets riders directly connect with drivers, bypassing centralized systems for a more tailored and human-centric ridesharing experience.

User-Driven Pricing

Engage in direct price negotiations, fostering a competitive and fair pricing environment that adapts to real-time market demands.

Instant Booking

Experience the convenience of instant booking, with real-time availability and quick response times ensuring your plans stay on track.

24/7 Support

Security is a top priority at GoHyper. Security Centers perform thorough KYC and driver screening, ensuring only trusted individuals are behind the wheel. They also handle final payment settlements post-dispute resolutions, maintaining the integrity and trust of the GoHyper ecosystem.

Community Ratings

Security Centers also oversee the Community Ratings, ensuring fairness and accuracy. This system upholds the highest standards of service and reliability, reflecting genuine user experiences and driver performance.